How To Start A Vlog With Engaging Content And Become A YouTube Influencer 

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How to Vlog: Your Simple Guide to Getting Started on YouTube

There is no denying that vlogs are the content of the moment.  You might be feeling like you should start one, and at the same time, you may also be wondering if it's too late to learn how to vlog.  Well, just as with blogging or any other online business idea, there is always room for your unique voice and story to be heard through video content.  As I'm sure you figured, 'vlog' stands for 'video blog' and it's exactly that: content that you would write a blog post on, but instead you talk to a camera about it.  The great thing about vlogging is that you don't need a million subscribers to both to give and receive a lot of value through your videos.  You could also add your vlog if you already have a blog or a podcast.  Lights!  Camera!  Audio!

How To Start A Vlog & Become A YouTube Influencer

Remember: People might forget what you said...People might forget what you did...But, People will never forget How you made them feel!

In recent years, internet content creation has become an effective method of making money. One of the many methods of earning money online is by creating vlogs on YouTube. Creative and impactful content creation in the form of vlogs can help you generate a significant amount of earnings through YouTube.

But what exactly should you be doing to ensure that you start earning through YouTube vlogs? What are the resources that you require before you get started?  I will try to guide you through the process of starting YouTube vlogging, followed by the strategies for monetizing your channel. 

Step 1: Getting Started

The main goal of your YouTube channel should be attracting and finding your audience.  For that, you need to have a clear idea about the field that your channel will cover. You should also make sure that your vlogs are high-quality, both in terms of content and visuals.

Clarify Your Content’s Niche

Each and every action you take regarding your channel’s presentation will contribute towards the way it influences the audience. Before you even start making videos, you should carefully work on your channel’s introduction. You should focus on creating your own brand. This will ensure that your first impression on the audience is solid. You should start by determining your channel’s niche. It could be your area of specialization, or it could be a category that gets a lot of attention from the online audience, like sports, gaming, makeup, food, or any popular DIY categories. You can do some research about keywords related to a particular niche, and find out how frequently the related videos get viewed.

Then comes the name of your channel. You should keep in mind that the name of the channel is going to stick with it forever. If you plan on expanding your content to other niches in the future, then you shouldn’t choose a name that only represents the category that you’re starting off with.

Your channel’s description also matters a lot. Take some time to come up with a proper introduction of yourself in the channel description, along with the type of content you’ll be providing to the audience. This will help you gain subscribers early on as people will know clearly about your channel.

Equipment to Get Started (I provide details below on the exact video equipment needed based on your budget)

As mentioned earlier, the visual and audio quality of your content matters as much as the creative quality. You must ensure that each of your YouTube vlogs has adequate lighting and a suitable background. You should also take measures to block out any noise in your vlogs.

For beginners, it might be difficult to get hold of expensive equipment. Even the top vloggers on YouTube today didn’t have top arrangements during the early days of their channels. Just focus on doing the best you can to make sure the lighting is perfect, and once your channel is monetized (more on that later), you can improve the surrounding conditions accordingly.

You should try to find some dedicated space to record your vlogs while ensuring that it doesn’t have any distraction or any off-putting features for your audience. You can also find some high-quality noise-blocking microphones that are quite cheap in the market.

For recording the vlogs, there are a couple of options. If your phone’s camera is high quality, you can use it for recording videos early on. For higher quality, you can also buy a camera, along with a tripod stand for support.

All these measures will make the audience like you better. Before the quality of content, they notice the video quality. If it falls below their expectations, they might not stick around for long enough to realize the quality of your content. So it is important that you make the viewing experience as clear, easy to hear and visually pleasing as you can.

Step 2: Consistent Creation of Content

After you’re done with the preparations, you can finally get on with creating the content. The key to gain followers quickly is to create new content regularly. Some of the best vloggers on YouTube create new content on a daily basis. You can start by putting out your vlogs twice or three times a week, at regular intervals.

Early on, you should only focus on attracting viewers to your videos. By uploading high-quality, engaging content regularly, you can make that possible. As your viewership increases, so will the number of your channel’s subscribers. By frequently putting out new vlogs on YouTube, you will be able to generate more leads to your channel, and the chances of your channel gaining more subscribers will increase. Viewers want to like and trust you first and only subscribe to a channel if they keep receiving good content from it regularly.

In the bid to upload vlogs consistently on YouTube early on, it is important to not let your goal of making money through it get the best of you. Be patient, and just focus on creating high-quality vlogs that make your channel stand out. Focus on bringing a unique take on your niche to your audience. Eventually, your content’s uniqueness is what will help your channel sustain the audience.

Another important step here would be establishing your brand. As the number of your subscribers start rising, you would need a logo for your channel that would instantly make the audience spot your content in a sea of videos. You can design an attractive logo yourself on Canva, or hire external designers who offer online freelancing services on platforms like Fiverr. Also, categorize your content into different playlists, so that your audience can conveniently browse through your channel and find any video that they want.

Step 3: The Part Where You Start Making Money

So how exactly do YouTubers make money through vlogging? There are a few strategies for you to start earning, but before we get to that, it is important that you know the specifics about the monetization of YouTube channels.

How Can You Get Your Channel Monetized

Not every new channel gets monetized on YouTube right away or overnight.  You will need to join the YouTube Partner Program first. To join the partner program, your channel will require at least 1000 subscribers, and a minimum of 4000 watch hours on your videos. This is why it’s encouraged for new channels to make vlogs that are longer than 5 minutes.

Now, this is where your early hard work pays off. By creating a great amount of content, you will ensure that your videos have a large viewership and that your channel has more than 1000 subscribers. You can get your channel monetized now.

Different ways to make money on YouTube

There are 4 main strategies to make money on YouTube, While all of them are not recommended for new users, you can effectively utilize them based on the standing of your channel.

1. Advertising

The most effective strategy for newer channels. By becoming a member of the YouTube Partner program, you can have advertisements on your content. But you have to make sure that your vlogs don’t cover any controversial/offensive issues, as YouTube does not monetize videos surrounding such topics.

YouTube’s advertising policy, however, isn’t designed to get you rich overnight. Channels are paid $3.00 for every 1000 times the ads are viewed on their videos, of which 45% goes to YouTube. Also, the payment depends solely on whether the advertisement is viewed by the audience. Not every viewer watches the advertisement.

The key here is to keep focusing on building your channel’s image and to engage a greater number of viewers so that you can jump to other earning methods through your vlogs.

2. Sponsorship

As your brand image grows and you gain more subscribers, companies might approach you for sponsorship. You will get paid for introducing your sponsor, and as your viewers keep increasing, you will get paid more. This method is far more effective than YouTube advertisements, but can only be switched to once your audience becomes large.

3. Affiliate Marketing

In this method of earning, channels provide links to products of a specific company in their video description, and if their viewers buy the product using the link, the channel gets a share of the sale. Again, companies will only approach you for this kind of promotion when you have a significant number of subscribers.

4. Merchandising​

Creating your channel’s own identity and brand comes in handy when you manage to have a large number of subscribers. With a loyal fanbase who is entertained with your regular content, you can choose to sell merchandise like clothes, mugs, sports goods, with your brand logo on them. This way you create a new source of income for yourself.

5. ​Video Magic with Stock Footage

While you are creating your channel another way to make a little money is by selling your short video clips.  They are usually just a few seconds featuring everyday scenes that can be inserted into commercial videos or for other people to use.  You are basically selling your stock footage short video clips royalty-free normally for anywhere between $20-$200 each depending on the demand.  A few places to sell would be Shutterstock, Pond5, and Adobe Stock.

I know it can seem like a lot; however, I have made it super easy by writing a complete "YouTube Quick-Start" Ebook for immediate download to get your channel started quickly and how you can future proof your income!  This Ebook is a 40-page Beginner's Guide to walk you through creating the best YouTube channel Vlog.  You will learn how to brand it, create videos, market it, make it discoverable, content strategy, and market.  I also have an awesome opportunity for you to grab the YouTube Planner printable kit that will help you to stay organized with your Vlog.  You will receive Both of these for the unbelievable price of $17

How To Start A Vlog & Become a YouTube I
YouTube Planner cover.jpg

Here's the exact Video Equipment you Need, Based on Your Budget 


Beginner Vlogger

$100 or less

To start, I recommend just using your smartphone's main camera (not the lower quality selfie one on the front).  When filming with a cell phone you'll want a small tripod, and clamp to hold it in place.  For the audio, I recommend a microphone that plugs directly into the headphone jack on a phone or tablet and provides much better sounding audio than the built-in microphones.  If you want to be further away from your phone, you may want the extension cable too.  For lighting, as a beginner, I recommend you just film on a fully sunny day.  Be careful while filming if you have a change in cloud cover as this is very hard to fix while editing.  You can use Free movie editing software while you are first starting out that works great. 

Headset Extension Cable.jpg
Microphone for iPhone & Smartphones.jpg
Joby GPM-A1EN GorillaPod Magnetic Flexible Tripod

$400 or less

At the intermediate budget, I would get a small point and shoot camera.  You will also want to get an SD card to record video onto.  I would continue to use the same tripod.  For audio, you will need to pick up both an audio recorder, and a microSD card.  You can use the same Rode microphone from before.  Lastly in this budget level is buying some lighting.  If you are filling a large room, you can use the lighting kit below.  Avoid buying the cheap LED lights as those tend toward magenta or green instead of pure white light.  To recap, you will need everything from the Beginner Vlogger box and the items listed below if you are looking to up your game.  Still use the same Free movie editing software 

Canon PowerShot S110 Camera.jpg
SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 SDHC Memory
TASCAM DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Re
SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC Memory Card.jpg

 Intermediate Vlogger

$1,000 or less

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II.jpg
Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R.jpg

Advanced Vlogger

If you are willing to invest a little more and get a DSLR to make your videos look even better or maybe different background effects, this is the equipment for you.  Canon PowerShot G7 is great for bloggers because of its portability.  Canon offers inexpensive lenses that will help you blur your background and separate yourself from it.  You sill need the SD card to record video.  I would also suggest getting a bigger tripod and a better microphone.  The audio and lighting suggestions from Intermediate are the same.  Now, you can continue on iMovie or you can purchase upgraded video editing & screen recording software like ScreenFlow ($129) or Final Cut Pro X ($299).  These are for MAC users only.  If you have a Windows system then I would recommend Movavi Screen Capture Studio ($79.95).  Now you should be all geared up and ready to start creating videos.  Remember, video gear is just half the battle.  You still need to set it all up, edit like a pro and build your audience.  Don't be overwhelmed, just start recording with what you have or can afford and you can upgrade to something else later.  

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