How To Start A Podcast, Boost Your Exposure And Grow Your Credibility

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How to Start A Podcast And Get Personal With Your Listeners

Every day, more and more people are listening to podcasts.  According to Edison Research, the number of Americans listening to a podcast each week has grown 120% over the past four years, and 90 million Americans listen to a podcast every month.  Just think about how you engage with content these days.  Yes, you still read articles and watch videos; so why not a podcast.  If you happen to be camera shy or just prefer connecting with your readers and followers through your voice personality.  Whatever your reason is there really hasn't been a better time to Start A Podcast.  

How to Start a Podcast, Boost Your Exposure & Grow Your Credibility

Remember: People might forget what you said...People might forget what you did...But, People will never forget How you made them feel!

What is Podcasting?

Here are the basics. You are probably familiar with RSS – Really Simple Syndication. It is the method for distributing podcasts to your target audience. When you hear something you like on a blog, those audio files can be automatically delivered to you when you subscribe to the feed.
But what are podcasts exactly? The word is an amalgamation of broadcasting.  Most podcasts are mp3 files so they will play on any type of music playing software. Instead of a song, what you hear is similar to a radio show. Because of RSS feeds, you don’t have to search for your favorite type of podcast beyond the initial discovery. From there, you can always catch the latest recording when it becomes available.

Why Podcasting?

Advertising and marketing are composed of several different types of media. Content is still king when it comes to driving traffic, building brand identity, and inspiring loyalty, so you begin here. But, as you know, content can take many forms beyond the written word. Every article and blog post you write can be used to boost your exposure in different ways. That is where podcasting comes into the picture.
Here are some very compelling reasons why podcasting needs to be your next addition to the advertising and marketing plan for your business.
1. It’s free – Who doesn’t like “free?” Most podcasts are recorded at home and not at studios like radio shows are recorded. As long as your computer, software, programs, and peripherals, such as a microphone, are up-to-date, you can create a podcast. Because podcasts are primarily an audio file, you don’t necessarily need to have video capabilities. However, visuals and downloadable items do add interest as well as value. For these reasons, you may want to make sure you have the tools to create these items as well. Once you’ve secured the necessary tools, you don’t usually have to pay for them again, hence the “free” part.
2. It is more effective than guest posting – The latest tool for driving traffic and building credibility is guest posting on someone’s blog. Through their network of followers with tangential interests, you can gain traffic and trust from someone who is already a known entity within your niche.
While guest blogging is effective, it can take a longer span of time to see the results you want. With podcasting, the effects are felt sooner. You can’t buy this type of advertising anywhere else.
3. Bring your powerful message to life – Do you have something to say? Get your message out to the widest possible audience in one fell swoop. That is what podcasting can do for you. Depending on the audience size for that particular podcasting show, 
thousands and thousands will tune in and hear what you want to say. It’s quite a heady and humbling proposition when you think about it.
4. Gaining trust – Isn’t’ that what it is all about anyway? People want to back businesses that they can trust. No one wants to waste their time or money on products or services that promise but never deliver. It takes time to build trust. Maybe you already have the trust of a few (in business terms) right now, but appearing on a podcast places you within earshot of an audience that has already built a trust relationship with its host. By extension, they are affording you the same measure of confidence when they tune in for your interview.
Trust is built quicker through hearing than reading. Both are faithful mediums, but when you can hear a person’s voice, you get a sense of who they are and what they stand for. The next best thing is seeing their face.

5. Drives traffic to your site – The audience can find out more about you and hear more from you when they visit your website. When a trusted host offers them your credentials, your voice, and your contact information, people can search and find you right away. It also helps when there are freebies and discounts involved too.
6. Time-shifting – No, we are not talking about traveling through time and space; although, that would be cool too. Time-shifting is the concept of listening to a live show anytime you want. It’s much like how TiVo and DVRs work today for television programs and movies. Not only do podcasts offer you the option to multitask when listening to them, but they also give you the option of when you want to hear them. Organize them and listen to during a long road trip, when you do chores, or when you exercise. Because your time to listen is not set, they are always available.

Anchor is Free & has all the awesome features that you need to start 

1. Unlimited Free Hosting

2. One-Click Distribution: Easily distribute your podcast to every major podcast platform, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

3. Monetize Your Podcast: They will match you with great brands that are interested in sponsoring your show.  You decide which brands you want to work with, which episodes you want to monetize, and wherein your episodes you want your ads to appear.  You can even set up listener support; which allows any listener to sign up for monthly donations to help keep your podcast going.

4. Podcast With Friends

5. Straightforward Analytics

6. Record From Anywhere

7. Episode Builder

8. Editing Tools

9. Creation Tools: 

Take voice messages from your listeners.

Gone are the days where you need to recite a phone number for your listeners to call into to leave a voicemail. All they need to do is tap a button to send you an Anchor voice message. You can see who each one is from and the title of the voice message so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Then, just add your favorites to your next episode with a single tap!

Import or upload existing audio.

Whether you’re on the web or mobile, it’s also easy to pull in audio you’ve created in other apps. There’s no limit to how long an imported file can be, and you can mix-and-match with native Anchor audio. (Think: importing your theme song and intro, recording a segment on the go from your phone, and then adding a voice message from a listener to complete your episode.)

Add transitions, sound effects, and background music.

With Anchor, you can easily add background tracks behind any segment or break up longer recordings using our library of built-in transitions and sound effects. Everything’s just a tap away!

Add music from Apple Music or Spotify (playable in Anchor only).

Search for any song on Apple Music or Spotify and add it to your episodes as a bonus for your listeners on Anchor.

Transcribed Videos

Share video highlights of your podcast on social.

Can you believe all of that is FREE.  Go to Anchor today to get started.  

Here's the Equipment, Tools & Software you Need, Based on Your Budget 

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