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Review All-In-One E-commerce Platforms: GrooveKart vs Shopify... Which one is right for you? 🔥🔂🔎

First let me just start by giving the basic definitions of E-commerce & Drop Shipping.

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. E-commerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet.  Whereas e-business refers to all aspects of operating an online business, E-commerce refers specifically to the transaction of goods and services.  The exciting thing about E-commerce is that it levels the playing field. Fifty years ago, you would have needed a large amount of capital to start your own business. You would have spent that capital by renting a store, buying inventory, paying for advertising, hiring employees, and more.

Thanks to E-commerce, you don’t need to have deep pockets to get into the business. What you need now is a desire to serve customers and a strong work ethic. If you have these two traits, then you can become part of the E-commerce movement.  Global retail E-commerce sales are projected to reach $27 trillion this year.

Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product. How Drop Shipping works:

1. You post your products on an online platform (for example, your own website, or social media platforms).  You don't own these products - you only take pictures and descriptions from your chosen supplier. 2. A customer finds your product, places an order, and pays for the product. 3. You contact the supplier who stocks the product, and you place the same order as your customer. 4. You ask the supplier to deliver the order to the address of your customer 5. The customer receives the order and the sale is completed.

Shopify Key Features & Pricing

Shopify provides you with a variety of tools to help you to set up and run your business. Depending on the pricing plan that you choose, you can find everything you need to showcase your products online, to process payments, and to make your store work for you. Shopify offers:

  • Free and paid themes from the Shopify Theme Store to make your store stand out and look great

  • Free and paid apps from the Shopify App Store to expand the functionality of your store

  • Shopify's own payment provider to accept credit card payments

  • Growth opportunities with Shopify's sales channels and an enterprise plan for merchants selling in high volume who want to decrease transaction fees

  • A Shopify blog that has guides and articles about running your store and connecting with your customers

  • Experts all around the world who can help you set up, design, and market your store

  • A dedicated Support team available 24/7 to answer your questions no matter what Shopify plan you're on.

GrooveKart Key Features & Pricing

Well first of all GrooveKart does everything you expect an e-Commerce platform to do.

You can sell your products with variants like size and colors, you can have categories, powerful reporting, analytics intelligence, customer look up, powerful shipping features, powerful Free Native apps, a built in support desk, customize your look and feel, yada yada…

But check this out, BUILT-IN you get the high converting checkout template, urgency timers, scarcity, social proof, reviews, funnels, upsells, downsells, bumps, re-targeting, analytics, and so much more.

But here is where GrooveKart REALLY STANDS OUT!


Studio has:

* A State of the art Drag and Drop Page Builder. * It has a Product Design Tool (It’s crazy good.)

* It has this thing called LAYER APP that allows you to drag any pattern onto apparel like backpacks, sneakers, tote bags, even high-heel shoes and so much more.

Plus it as FREE Built-In plugins to help make you have turn-key businesses.

GK AliConnect allows you to have access to millions of products with Automated Drop Shipping. Find thousands of affordable products and low wholesale prices for GrooveKart store in minutes. Print on Demand Apparel at the lowest prices. Adding items to your store in multiple colors, size and variants with just 1 click. Hundreds of premium designs included.

Calling all GURU'S:

Trainers, influencers, personal development educators, coaches, consultants…

Tap into your massive following by offering world class healthy supplements in over 40 categories. Print on Demand Supplements and Health and Beauty. Choose from over 40 different pre-made top quality supplements all made under the strictest quality control right here in the USA

Skin Care, Weight Loss, Women's Health, Men's Health, Testosterone Boosters, Energy, Creatine, Protein Powders, General Health, Vitamins, Minerals, Oils, and yes... even Pet Health.

Native Apps built in. No paying extra. They are all included Free.

There’s actually too many to list check them all out here. They built-in the 20 most popular PAID apps from Shopify and they are all included an NO EXTRA COST.

What Are The FREE Things I Am Getting From Groovekart?

There is a big list of stuff and features you are going to for completely FREE from Groovekart:

One-click import from Shopify store

✅ Drag and drop page builder

✅ Layer app for print on demand products (2–4 day fast shipping)

✅ Private label health and beauty products

✅ Pixel tracking

✅ Retargeting

✅ One click upsells

✅ Simulated coupon finder and spin wheel

✅ Live Chat (for making customer support extremely easy and amazing)

✅ Recent sales pop-ups

✅ Sales and Stock countdown timers

✅ GK Ali connect (alternative for Oberlo app)

✅ Related products

✅ Orderbumps (upsells shown on the checkout page)

✅ Zapier (used for teams and assistants mostly)

✅ MailChimp integration (for email marketing)

Other things you are getting from GrooveKart.

Few of these are obvious features but still, not everyone provides them.

  1. FREE Domain

  2. FREE website hosting

  3. 30-day money back guarantee

  4. FREE Ecommerce training

  5. FREE lifetime updates

  6. 24/7 customer support

You see, the sad truth that people find out is that to have the powerful features you need to thrive with SHOPIFY you need their “Advanced” Plan. That cost $299 a month. Then when you add all their 3rd party-apps you end up spending close to $700 a month. And users are not happy about all the nickel and diming.

On top of that Shopify takes a percentage of your stores sales, yes on on every transaction. There is no way around that. There fee’s starts at 2.0%

So with Shopify you pay:

  • A $299 monthly fee

  • For additional APPS

  • And a % of your success.

With GrooveKart you have:

  • A super low Monthly rate.

  • (with current special it works out to less than $42.)

  • They never charge a fee or % of your sales.

Look, I’m actually not doing it justice. And the site does a much better job explaining.

So make sure to check it out

This is a short video on GrooveKart. I hope you found this useful and I wish you much success in your future online store.

Do you want to be part of the E-commerce Boom? Drag-N-Drop E-commerce Stores. 😲↘️

The Link below will get you a coupon for 50% off the annual plan at GrooveKart.

Are you ready to save $ in your online store? https://paykstrt.com/8249/61310


GrooveKart Was Made For Print-on-Demand and Drop-Shipping with All These Platforms Built Right In. We Make It Easy To Find Hot Selling Products!

✅Simply Better.

✅Simply Easier to use.

✅Simply More Affordable.

If you need a website or sales funnel for your business...you can claim a FREE lifetime account here: https://www.help-starting-a-business.com/groovefunnelsformybiz

Good luck with your online business journey. 😍

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