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How To Define, Create, & Set Up Your First Lead Magnet; To Grow Your Email List & Drive More Sales

What if I told you that there is one single tool that, with a few clicks, you could have an immediate lead magnet to start growing your email or subscriber list… What if I also advised you that you could use that same tool to drive site visitors back on your website so that you could grow your list and make extra sales… Would you be interested in learning about it? Now, what if I took that one step further and told you that you may use this device and actually offer lead magnets and site visitors for customers with a few easy clicks… Meaning you can basically offer done for you lead magnets to other businesses that could potentially earn a lot of extra income. You’d be pretty pumped to grab this tool and put it through its motions, right?


As you know building a highly responsive list is core to any business. Getting subscribers on to your list is getting harder and harder. Having a strong lead magnet can help you grow your business exponentially. But when it comes to knowing exactly what to put into your lead magnet, how to design it, and how to set it up...well you might be a little overwhelmed! A lead magnet, also known as an opt-in, is a free offer to your audience (it could be a worksheet, checklist, audio recording, video access, workbook, etc) that will “lead” them into a funnel where you eventually promote your paid offerings. Basically, if you want to generate leads online, you will need to use a lead magnet to incentivize customers and retrieve their information.  These are crucial for any online business owner because it grabs the attention of the reader and intrigues them enough to want to opt-in to your email list to receive the offer. Once you’ve educated them through your lead magnet and funnel, you’ll have a lot easier of a time promoting your offering to them because they will already be ready to purchase from you. You want to nurture people before you sell to them, and a lead magnet is a great way to get new people onto your list.  Enticing them with an irresistible lead magnet is going to make your job so much easier when you’re ready to sell! Before you create your lead magnet, you will want to ask yourself a few questions, to make sure your landing page will actually convert: 1. What is your goal? 2. Who is your audience? 3. What does your audience struggle with the most? You may be thinking… “how do I find out what kind of problem they are having?”  No problem!  You can always create a survey and survey your current audience, do some research in relevant Facebook groups, or do some personal outreach to ideal clients on Instagram, search Pinterest, or other social media platforms.   CREATING YOUR LEAD MAGNET Think about the end value the user will be getting by opting in.  What will they be able to accomplish after opt-in into your lead magnet? How will it make their lives easier, better, more fun, etc? How is this lead magnet relevant to your paid products? Once you have that outlined, it’s time to move on to designing your lead magnet.  The design of your lead magnet matters because it shows that you are professional and that you take your business seriously.  You don’t want your free lead magnet to look cheap otherwise they won’t be convinced to purchase down the road.  First impressions are everything! No matter what you’re promoting as your lead magnet, whether it’s a checklist, workbook, ebook, or any other type of opt-in, you want it to be simple to understand and easily consumable. Don’t overcomplicate things. Think of the type of lead magnets that enticed you to opt-in. They are probably well designed, simple, and as I mentioned above, there are a variety of lead magnets you can use.  Here are just a few options you can offer to your audience: * Worksheet/Workbook * Checklist * Ebook * Cheatsheet * Email Course * Resource list/toolkit * Report * Audio Recordings * Video Recordings * Templates (pins, post, etc.) * Swipe Files * Prompts * Printables If you want to try and design them on your own you can use a free tool such as Canva.  You know Canva is one of my favorite design tools for creating Pinterest Pins, Facebook posts, flyers, logos, and much more.  I upgraded to the Pro because I use it so much and I believe it is a must-have for my business.  The growth of your email list is probably the most important factor for your business.  Social Media is great; however many times you have so much competition and the algorithm to each platform is always changing that one month you might be at the top and then the next six months you aren't receiving any free organic traffic.  Having a Lead Magnet or several will change that; you will be in control of your email list so you can start building raving fans out of your customers. Your list is an asset so focusing on that and understanding that every subscriber is a big asset for your business. If you can boost your opt-in rate without boosting your traffic - is free money right? Recent studies by some of the top marketers have found that creating a pdf from your blog post and using that as a lead magnet has more than 3x their conversion rate. The technique is called the content upgrade. The key point is your lead magnet is directly relevant to the content the person is reading..so it's logical that the person will engage with it. Brian Dean from Backlinko (the famous SEO authority) tested the whole content upgrade thing - and it boosted his opt-in rate by 785%.  Crazy right.. but a ton of other people have done the same thing and got similar results. So here’s the problem... Creating lead magnets is a pain!  It takes time to write the content and they need to look good.  So if you outsource to a writer and a designer then it will cost you around $197 for each one. But of course, you are sitting on a ton of content right now?  Blog content! An awesome tool called Designrr - that will take any web page and turn it into a beautiful lead magnet - no graphic artist necessary. It has to be seen to be believed. You literally give it a URL, it imports into a beautiful customizable template You then adjust, change your cover image, and click publish. You are Done! Watch the quick 2 minute Demo video below to see what I am talking about.

Oh... And by the way, the tool costs $27... One-time price (not a monthly fee). Click Here to Grab Designrr at this low price offer today and start growing your list and make more sales. Here is how it works: 1) Import Content or Start from Scratch Designrr works with all websites, Word or any editor Simply enter the URL when you start a new project.   We'll start loading the content in the background, ignoring all the site navigation, adverts, sharing icons, and anything you wouldn't want in an ebook. Or import from Word, Pages, Google Docs, or your Facebook page. Or click New Draft to start from scratch

​2) Choose a Template Get started immediately with over 100 project templates You can completely customize it afterward, changing images, fonts, and styles. Change the cover image to whatever you want. Use single or two-column layouts

​​ 3) Customize and Publish Adjust and tailor your book to suit your style. Add images from our copyright-free image search or upload your own.   Change font styles, the cover, headers, and fonts and finally add a call to action.   With one click you can publish The pdf is also stored in your account so you can access it anytime and download it to your computer. It's yours to keep.

Designrr is the first tool ever to include content and design in one easy to use software platform for professional and stunning instant ebooks. With Designrr you can: 1) Grow your list faster by creating a downloadable ebook (called a lead magnet) in exchange for an email address.  Converting your existing blog posts into a lead magnet is proven to increase your conversions. 2) Make more sales at higher prices.  Everyone knows to convert your ideas, experience, and know-how into an ebook is the perfect way to generate an income online.  However, you have to present a great looking, high-quality design that looks like it's been put together by a professional.  Transform any cheap-looking ebook into a stunning design that bang up to date! 3) Engage your readers with the quality they deserve.  Boring textual PDFs are an instant turnoff.  Convert your content into to beautifully designed ebooks with just a few clicks.  

More Power Features in Designrr include: Complete Control: If you want to go deeper and customize, then you can change anything within your ebook using our design tools. You can edit text, background colors, fonts, styles, images Facebook Import:  You can import from your Facebook profile or Page, so you can create an ebook from your social posts and photos. Copyright Free Image Library: Search across stunning millions of copyright-free images from Unsplash, Pixabay, or upload your own, the choice is yours. You can add an image anywhere in the content or use it as a cover image. Image Editor: To crop, resize, or color your images, there is an inbuilt image editor. No external photo editing tools required.  Table of Contents & Page Numbering With 1 Click, Designrr will create your table of contents for your ebook, including page numbering and customizable headers and footers. The Table Of Contents generator also handles nested headers so users can navigate to anywhere in the document. Pages are numbered automatically and can be customized to your color scheme. All links are clickable.  Add additional blog posts or pages.  You can import more content anywhere in your ebook.  Choose the source and with one click its inserted.  Project Draft Editor:  When your content is not ready for design or you want to start from scratch.  We provide a simple, clean editor for writers.  No distractions, no complications.  Just for writing and editing.  The Draft editor is also ideal when you want to copy and paste content from anywhere. You can import multiple drafts into your ebook. ​​Oh... And by the way, the tool costs $27... One-time price (not a monthly fee). Click Here to Grab Designrr at this low price offer today and start growing your list and make more sales. ​Now that your lead magnet is designed, it's time to set up and promote it!  You can promote on all social media channels and you will want to create a separate landing page for people to opt-in to your lead magnet. Why? You want to make sure readers aren't distracted by anything else on your website. The primary goal you want to achieve is to get people to sign up to get access to your lead magnet.  Having your lead magnet opt-in on a separate page helps readers focus in on one thing: opt-ing into your list. How do you create a landing page? There are a variety of tools out there that you can use to create landing pages (LeadPages, ClickFunnels, etc) but most of those require paying a hefty monthly fee.   I would suggest checking out the FREE Lifetime Access to GrooveFunnels. They are offering a free lifetime lite account because they are still in Beta; however, don't let that fool you... I have built several email opt-in landing pages with it and it works great.  They have an easy drag and drop builder so it is very fast to create.  They also have templates for every type of sales funnel you might need.  Once your page is created with GroovePages/GrooveFunnels, you need to make sure it's connected properly to your email newsletter provider so your lead magnet can be delivered and you can start nurturing your new customer for life who will soon become your raving fan. 

If your ultimate goal is to sell your Ebooks to the Kindle Store or on Apple iBooks store you will need to upgrade the Designrr software above to Designrr Pro.  You know $27 lifetime is a steal, and that is a standard license, but to get additional features (if you need them) you will need to upgrade.  These are the additional features you receive with Designrr Pro:

  1. You import any old PDF on your machine and give it a completely new look.

  2. You can export your ebook to the Kindle Store in the correct format.

  3. Export to epub and the Apple iBooks store.

  4. Share your eBook in an animated flipbook.  This great for sending and sharing to mobile users who struggle with PDFs

  5. 200 more templates covering every niche.

  6. Save elements.  You can now save sections for use in other projects, reducing repetitive tasks.

It's available for a small additional upgrade price and I highly recommend it if you need the additional features.  If you only need to make Ebooks and lead magnets then you are good with the Standard license above. Just to recap; the resources mentioned:

  1. Canva - Must-Have tool for designing anything you need for your business (logo, pins, posts, flyers, business cards, and much more.

  2. Designrr - Must-Have time saver for designing any blog post or Ebooks for your Lead Magnets to drive more sales.

  3. GrooveFunnels - Must-Have tool for designing your landing page to promote your lead magnet or product/service

There you have it; the best way to Grow Your Email List & Drive Sales. Rember to follow and share for other useful tips and resources to rock your online business.

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you use my affiliate link.

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