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With over 1 Billion monthly active users, 25+ million business accounts, and a projected 14 billion USD in revenue, Instagram has come a long way from a little photo-sharing app.  What started as a humble social network grew into one of the most robust business platforms - helping brands cement a highly effective marketing channel and breeding a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs.  If you don't currently have an Instagram account for your business, I provide step-by-step instructions below on how to set it up.  Let's follow each other, I will be sure to follow you back.  I look forward to being Business Boss Besties 😍

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Step-By-Step Instructions Creating Your Business Instagram Account From A Desktop Computer: www.instagram.com 

Step 1: The first step when trying to create an Instagram page is to first go to the Instagram webpage. Since you do not have an account, you will click the sign-up button and the page will change.  Visit: https://www.instagram.com

Step 2: This is the page where the account is created. There are two ways to do this you have to decide which would be better for you and your situation. The first way is through an already created Facebook account. The second way is through inputting the information needed to create an account.

Step 3A: If you choose the Facebook route then you need to provide the email and password of the account to continue the setup process

Step 3B: Facebook will then ask if you would like to continue as the account you logged in as. 

Step 4A: If you choose to not log in with Facebook your other option is just to follow the prompts on the screen and input the requested information to continue the setup process

Step 4B: Instagram will then ask for your birthday.

Step 5: Both ways will ask you to confirm your email address. 

Step 6: Confirm the email address that you signed up with

Step 7: When you click the "Confirm your email address" you will be brought to this page.  Instagram is giving you some suggestions of people to follow.  Most of the people are famous actors, singers, models, and artists.  The choice is yours on who you want to follow; but you don't have to follow any of them...your choice

Step 8: This step is to familiarize you with all the pages Instagram has to provide.  The top left (A) picture is called the home screen or Instagram feed.  This is where all the pictures and videos of people you follow will be displayed.  If you want to go to the home page all you have to do is click the house icon in the top right of the page. 

This is also the activity page. You can access the activity page on any screen by just clicking the heart on the top right.  This will display any activity that has occurred on your account.  Some Examples include "Likes Or Comments".  The top right (B) picture shows what is called your direct messages or DM.  This is where you can message people directly or where they can message you directly.  The bottom left (C) picture shows what is called the explore page and this is where the most popular and top-rated pages pictures will appear.  This is also where you can search for usernames and hashtags.  The bottom right (D) picture is your profile page.  This is what people see when they click your profile. 

Step 9: This is going to show you everything about the Instagram feed. To like a picture, you can either double click on the picture or you can click the heart icon under the picture. To comment on a picture, you can either click the chat bubble under the picture or you can click the “Add a comment” at the bottom of the picture (further explanation will be in 9A). To save a post to look at later you can click the ribbon looking bookmark at the bottom right of the post. To share this post with someone you can click the paper airplane under the picture (further explanation will be in 9A). At the top left is the username of the person who posted this picture (further explanation will be in 9A). At the top right is three dots that give you a list of options (further explanation will be in 9A). At the very top, there’s the word Instagram and there’s a colorful circle this is where stories are posted. So, anyone that you follow if they post on their story it will appear there for 24 hours (further explanation will be in 9A)

Step 9A: The top left picture shows what will happen if you click to comment on someone’s picture. The top right picture shows what options are available for sharing the picture (further explanation will be in 9C). The middle left picture shows what would happen if you click on someone’s username (further explanation will be in 9D). It will bring the persons profile page up so you can see all of their posts. The middle right picture shows all the options you get when you click the three dots (further explanation will be in 9E). The bottom picture shows what will happen if you click on someone’s story of course the picture will be different but still the same concept (further explanation will be in 9F).

Step 9B: When leaving a comment on someone’s page there are many things you can do. You can leave a comment for the picture as a whole. You can reply to a specific comment or you can simply like a comment. To comment on the picture as a whole you simply type your comment in the “Add a comment…”. To leave a reply to a specific comment you click the word reply under the comment you want to reply to, and it will tag the writer of the comment, so they know you are talking to them. Finally, you can just like a comment by clicking the small heart at the top of the comment when liked it will turn solid red.

Step 9C: The top left option shows what appears when “Share to Direct” is chosen this allows you to send other people’s posts to other people on Instagram. The top right option shows what appears when “Share to Facebook” is chosen and this will post the picture and link on your Facebook page for others to see. The bottom left picture shows what happens when you click “Share to Messenger” this allows you to send the post to someone through Facebook. All of these options share the post to whoever you want, and it does not notify the person who posted it.

Step 9D: If you click on someone’s username it will bring you to their specific page. It shows you all the information about them like how many posts they have, have many followers, and how many they are following. You can direct message them or DM them by hitting the message button next to their name. Also, the icon with the check next to their username means that you follow them. However, if you see a blue button that says “Follow” that means you are not following them, and you can follow them by simply clicking it. If around their profile picture you see a colorful circle that means they posted something on their story and if you would like to see it just click on the profile picture. Also, the smaller circles are called highlights, and these are where you can put stories after 24 hours so if people missed the story you posted they still have a chance to view it.

Step 9E: By clicking the three dots at the top right these are the options provided. The first one is for reporting the user and picture if it displays something offensive or inappropriate. The second option is to unfollow the person. The third option will take you to the person's post on their page. The fourth option is just like the paper airplane under the picture it allows you to share it in different ways. Then there is the fifth option that allows you to copy the link and share it with someone. The final option allows you to copy an embedded link.

Step 9F: When you click on someone’s story this is what will happen. Stories are timed so if you want to be able to read it or pause it from moving on you have to hold down the mouse. If you want to move to the next picture or the previous picture you will use the arrows on each side of the picture. To get out of viewing someone’s story all you have to do is click the X. If the picture or video is inappropriate or offensive you can also report it by clicking the three dots. Finally, to go to this person’s page all you have to do is click the username at the top left in this example its Instagram.

Step 10: This is what the direct message or DMs look like. There are many things you can do here. At the top, you can search for usernames or hashtags. The pencil with the paper is what you click to create a new message to someone. The top right picture shows this all you have to do is type the username and type the message. The bottom left picture shows what it looks like once you have messages either sent or received, they will all appear on the left side the most recent ones on the top. It also allows you to see if the person you are messaging is online to some degree with the green circle. If someone you don’t follow tries to message you it will appear in requests so, make sure to keep an eye on that. Once a conversation has been started the "I" at the top right allows you to “Delete Chat, Block, or Report” the person. Some actions that can take place in the direct messages are normal texting, sending emojis by clicking the smiley face on the bottom left. You can send pictures from your gallery by clicking the photo. You can send a heart by clicking the heart. Also to save time and if you don’t want to do a full response but you want to acknowledge the person's message if you hover over what they said three dots will appear and if you click them the options of “Like, Copy, Report” appear and if you like it a heart will appear under the message as seen in the bottom right picture.

Step 11: The explore page is pretty simple. You can search by name, locations, and hashtags. When you search it will bring up any profile with that name, any profile with that location attached, and any picture using that hashtag. Below the search bar is suggestions that Instagram has for you to follow based on the people you already follow. Then there is the explore page that shows random pictures and profiles that Instagram thinks you would like based on the people you follow.

Step 12: This is your activity page this will show all of your notifications for your page. So, if someone likes, comments, follows, replies to your comment, or likes your comment you will get the notification here. Direct message or DM notifications will NOT appear here.

Step 13: This is your profile page this is what people see when they click on your username or search you. You have your profile picture, your username, how many posts, followers, and following you have, and your bio. Also here are all of your posts, your IGTV, your saved or bookmarked posts, and all the posts your tagged in. To change and add any information about your Instagram you go to edit profile. The little gear provides the same options as hitting “Edit Profile”. If you choose to link to Facebook this allows your Facebook friends to find your profile and gives them a chance to follow you. Just like Facebook if you link your phone number and contacts this gives them a chance to see your profile and follow you. To post something to your IGTV all you have to do is click the IGTV tab and then fill out the information needed in the bottom picture.

The first tab of “Edit Profile” allows you to do exactly that; this is where you can make your profile stand out and look nice by creating a catchy bio and adding your email address. This is also where Instagram will ask for personal info like phone and email. The next tab “Change Password” is used to change passwords if needed. “Apps and Websites” are used to keep track of all the apps and websites connected to your Instagram. “Emails and SMS” is just allowing permission of Instagram and Facebook to send you information about upgrades and changes to the platform. “Push Notifications” is where you can control and what your notified on in regard to your profile. “Manage Contacts” is where if you choose to sync your contacts you can control which of your contacts may get friend suggestions. “Privacy and Security” is where you can control if your profile is private or public and this is also where you control the security of your profile. “Login Activity” shows the actual location and what type of device was used to access your account. Finally, “Emails from Instagram” is one of the ways Instagram can get in contact with you in regard to your account.

Congratulations on setting up your Business Instagram account.  I know it is the first step, but you should still take a moment to celebrate.  Just remember everyone started at the beginning; just like you.  

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